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~*All About It*~ Guild


Welcome to My Guild!
Hi! The FIRST thing you have to do is to copy and paste the code in our advertising section. Pick the AD u like and simply put it in your shop. If you don't do this you won't be able to participate on any contests or giveaways!

Where To Go?
Go to our Contests section for our contests AND giveaways winners. I will include the winners for the past 5 weeks.

When you become the member of the month (find out more on the contests section) we will give you a picture that says: I WAS MEMBER OF THE MONTH IN ~*All About It*~ GUILD OF THE MONTH OF *****. Oh and you will receive a secret prize ofcourse!

Once you join you will choose whether or whether you are not going to put you neopet in our school. This school is free for the first week. But every month you will have to pay 1k. I will have to give this money to the teacher of your neopet. You need to buy school supplies with your own nps. For the links and more paying information go to the VeneSchool section.

Don't just stand there and wait! Go and see the rest of our website! NOW MOVE IT! LOL